Jeddah Private International School applies a dynamic American curriculum and has received provisional accreditation from "AdvancEd". JPIS is unique in that it offers an equally designed dual-language program in Arabic and English.


Keeping a strong sense of one’s first language is paramount for internationally minded individuals. At JPIS, we emphasize the importance of our student’s 1st language of Arabic by offering a strong Arabic language program in every grade level.


How important is it to be an excellent reader? JPIS KG – 3 follow the Guided Reading model to promote the thinking process through words and pictures, promoting lifelong readers. Students from grades 4 - 12 continue to grow toward true bi-lingual fluency. Reading is an important part in the process and we believe reading opens the door to understanding!


Islamic Studies is a key component on JPIS.


Understanding math is more than memorization. JPIS students engage in meaningful-hands-on math lessons through our Math in Focus program. We are preparing students to know the how and why of mathematics which enables them to apply math in everyday situations. 


At JPIS we believe in preparing the whole child, this means that we take time to give our students high quality instruction, physical health through our PE program, skills for life that promote self-discipline.


We know that all children do not learn at the same rate, but we believe that all children can learn! We offer support for our students who are struggling with reading through our very own reading specialist who focuses on the skills that these students are weak in, in order to help them grow stronger! We use the MAP testing data and assessment data from RAZ-Plus Leveled Reading to determine students’ needs and to give us direction in how to help our students. Our goal is to give support when needed and to quickly move students back to the regular classroom where success can happen.


How does a scientist think and work? At JPIS, our students work through this scientific process and gain knowledge and understanding through inquiry. At JPIS, our students use the Interactive Science program that prepares them to be thinkers and action takers.


We believe students learn how to communicate, create, collaborate, and think critically through the use of technology.

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